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Don't Forget Your Docs!

To quality for discounts, all patients have to show 1) ID (driver's license or other), 2)  insurance card (if applicable), and 3) proof of income (choose from below):​​

  • 1040 form, previous year

  • 2 current paycheck stubs

  • Letter from employer stating earnings. Letter must be on employer letterhead or be accompanied by a business card.

  • A check stub from unemployment, disability, pension, retirement, annuity, military family allotment, or social security

  • a copy of a court order settlement

  • a letter from a Pastor or Bishop confirming hardship or unemployment

  • the last 3 months of bank statements​

  • proof of currently being eligible for food stamps, WIC, subsidized school lunch programs, low income/subsidized housing eligibility 

If you have no access to any of these forms, please see a front desk manager.

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