Utah Partners for Health: Affordable Health & Dental Care in Utah

Providing Access to Healthcare for Those in Need

Our Community Impact

In Utah, lack of affordable healthcare is a top concern and one of the leading causes of bankruptcy for working families. With the faltering economy, the number of uninsured and jobless residents is rapidly increasing. Many of the working poor have lost access to coverage through jobs or state/federal programs. At conservative estimates, the number of uninsured residents in Utah is about 350,000. Nine out of ten of these families have at least one working adult, but do not have access to affordable insurance through the workplace.

In 2007 The United Way Community Assessment identified insufficient income and lack of affordable healthcare as two of the most serious issues facing Salt Lake County residents. Some of the causes include lack of early detection and treatment, cultural and language barriers and rising healthcare costs. In our current economy small and large businesses are dropping employee insurance benefits.

Utah Partners for Health enthusiastically provides a unique solution to this problem and improves the lives of thousands of low-income men, women and children each year. By providing access to primary care for those who otherwise would not seek services, UPFH is building a healthier community for Salt Lake County’s neighborhoods and families.