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Insurance & Medicaid Specialist

Well-child check-ups, vaccines, dental visits, mental health care and more are covered by Medicaid and CHIP. New rules may mean you are qualified. UPFH offers free appointments with Patient Navigators who will tell you what you qualify for and help you sign up.


Who may be eligible for State CHIP?

• Non-U.S. citizen who is not a lawfully
permanent resident (LPR/Green Card
• Living in Utah for 180 days or more
• Under age 19
• Not currently covered by health insurance
• Not eligible for Medicaid or CHIP
• Meet income requirements (before taxes)


Call Today!

Our Patient Navigators meet with hundreds of patients to help them sign up for insurance and other programs. Please leave a message if they are with a patient and they will call back within 24-48 hours. 


New Rules

Some rules of CHIP have changed, affecting your eligibility. To find out if you qualify in Utah, call for an appointment today.

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